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Pitch it Up Ball Machine


Entry level underarm delivery machine

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‘Pitch it Up’ Training Aid


One of the newest products on the market is The Pitch it Up ball machine.
A new revolutionary, 2 wheel, light weight training aid that will provide safe and
accurate deliveries allowing batters to practice alone for hours!
The budget 2 wheel machine is an easy-to-use Cricket training Aid for new and emerging cricket stars of tomorrow.
Able to be used standalone and compatible with a standard camera tripod, the well designed Training Aid offers great variability to accommodate the skill level of every cricketer.
With the unique light-weight balls, you’ll be impressed at the speed, height, and direction of the ball delivery that will help refine your batting, catching, and fielding skills.  Perfect for the backyard, cricket nets, or anywhere. Recommended for enthusiastic cricketers with some batting and catching coordination (8+), this training aid is for those who want to take their game to a new level!

The package includes:

1 x Main Training Machine
8 x  Unique light-weight balls
2 x Ball Tracks
1 x Track End
1 x AC Adapter, Screwdriver & Instruction manual

East to assemble, take down and store
Adjustable to provide different delivery lengths
Uses ‘Pitch It Up’ balls only (No other ball type is suitable)

Perfect for the garden, drive, house or cricket club! Cost effective, accurate and reliable.
 Power AC adapter (plugs into 240v) or 4 x D-Size Batteries (Batteries not included)
 Speed Range from 36 – 44 km/h
 Delivery Type Swing, Straight & Spin
 Compatible Balls Pitch It Up balls ONLY
 Safety Fully enclosed machine casing
 Wheel/s Dual Wheel
 Weight 2kg
 Materials Heavy-duty plastic casing
 Transportation Super Lightweight for single-person handling.
 Auto Feeder 8 Ball capacity auto feeder – Included
 Warranty 6 months limited warranty

The Pitch it Up ball machine delivers straight or swing allowing batsmen to groove shots and technique.  Similar to other cricket bowling machines fires out at a much slower pace.  This allows the player to develop good hand-eye coordination and to work on the basics of batting.

Invite some friends over and start having a great time smashing some 6’s in the backyard!